By offering floor and expansion joint repair, we are able to provide comprehensive investment services. Depending on the needs we can perform:

  • repair and restoration of expansion joints,
  • execution of new expansion joints,
  • stitching and filling cracks in floors,
  • removal of existing horizontal markings,
  • new horizontal markings,
  • anti-slip grooving,
  • removal or restoration of drops,
  • execution of linear drainage,
  • execution of channels and depressions in floors.

Expansion joints found in industrial floors are subject to natural degradation under the influence of operating loads and the work of the floor slab. The method of expansion joint repair depends on the type and degree of damage.

The simplest joint repair method involves removing the old joint, chamfering the edges of the existing joint and executing a new fill.

If there is significant chipping of the joint edges, it is necessary to cut a strip on both sides of the joint and remove the degraded material. Highly liquid, fast setting, controlled shrinkage repair mortars characterized by high strength are used to fill the cut-out area of the joint. After the repair mixture has hardened, a new incision is made along with the chamfering of its edges and filling.

The benefits of joint repair include:

  • improved safety and compliance with health and safety requirements,
  • reduced wear on wheels, bearings and axles of transport equipment,
  • improved floor aesthetics,
  • further floor degradation is significantly limited.