Surface preparation with ride on milling machine

Ride on machine milling is performed to supplement traditional milling. Machines can be used to achieve the highest possible milling performance available indoors.

The use small ride on milling machines makes it possible to:

  • reduce time needed to complete work,
  • ensure a high level of efficiency per shift,
  • reduce costs,
  • achieve a high level of milling precision.

Milling is carried out dry, which does not interfere with subsequent flooring work (resin flooring) and does not pose a risk of flooding of surfaces or equipment. Dust control is achieved through the use of high-performance industrial vacuum cleaners.

Small ride on milling machine applications:

  • milling of large surfaces,
  • milling of grooves for rails,
  • milling of grooves for ducts, installations, drainage systems,
  • milling for magnetic and transmission wires, etc.,
  • milling for levelling of the ground,
  • deep milling,
  • removal of wear-resistant layers.

Traditional milling

Concrete milling is used for levelling, profiling, cleaning, roughening and removing surface layers of the substrate. It is a key element in finishing and repair of concrete surfaces. The work performed results in a clean and strong substrate with very good adhesion.

Milling enables the removal of:

  • excess concrete and other layers,
  • damaged and contaminated substrate layers,
  • laitance and other weak surface layers,
  • floor coatings (resin, varnish, paint, glue residues),
  • road markings,
  • compensate for height differences,
  • roughen smooth substrates.

In addition to conventional milling, we offer planetary milling to minimize unevenness and bring the concrete surface to a single grade. Performed after conventional milling or independently, it can reduce material and labour costs by 50%.

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