Diamond coring can be performed in reinforced concrete, brick, stone and asphalt. Hole diameters range from a dozen millimetres to one meter, and the drilling depth - up to several meters. Drilling can be performed vertically, horizontally or at an angle - also drilling from the bottom of the element.

The advantages of diamond coring include:

  • high speed and precision of drilling,
  • no dust, no strokes, no vibrations,
  • low noise level,
  • high aesthetics of holes and edges,
  • excellent work performance,
  • possibility of angled drilling,
  • reinforcing bars don’t pose a problem.

Diamond drilling applications:

  • installation openings,
  • boreholes for anchoring and reinforcement,
  • "seam" cutting,
  • sampling,
  • determination of the structure and thickness of the element.

Additional advantages of our solutions:

  • The water collection and treatment system reduces splashes and the need for wiring,
  • drilling without anchoring the stand, using a vacuum base and a vacuum pump (interference in the structure is limited to drilling the hole).