Grinding is performed to precisely level the surface, and achieve the required ordinate, or to remove old coatings. Surface grading can be performed up to several millimetres. If a deeper intervention is necessary, the concrete must be milled. Horizontal surfaces (floors, ceilings) and vertical surfaces (walls, columns) as well as complex, small elements (stairs, surfaces before assembly) can be ground. Efficient industrial vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters can filter up to 99.9% of the dust produced in the grinding process.

Grinding applications:

  • precise levelling of the surface,
  • removing laitance and other weak surface layers,
  • removing old coatings from substrates (adhesives, markings, resins, paints, varnishes)
  • obtaining smooth surfaces after milling, graining,
  • surface cleaning,
  • surface repair and levelling

Grinding is usually performed as a component of repair work or to prepare the concrete surface for further floor finishing.