Shotblasting, also known as blasting or peening, is one of the most economical and effective methods of surface preparation. It is extensively used for cleaning and preparation of surfaces before application resin coatings, laying tiles, painting, etc.

This method is also ideal for restoring roughness to concrete, asphalt and stone surfaces. The surface after blasting is clean, dust-free and load-bearing. The shot removes the weakest layers of the substrate, dirt and old coatings. Thanks to the use of high-performance industrial vacuum cleaners, work is carried out without dusting. The blasting itself is a dry method.

During concrete shotblasting, possible damage in the form of cracks and fissures is revealed, which can then be repaired before the main bulk of work is commenced. Unlike grinding, shotblasting also reaches into recesses of the surface, allowing for their cleaning.

Shotblasting applications:

  • removing laitance from concrete,
  • removing paint and thin coatings,
  • removing horizontal markings on roads, parking areas, in halls, warehouses, etc,
  • roughing out smooth concrete surfaces,
  • cleaning concrete, stone, asphalt and steel surfaces.