Concrete bush hammering is an alternative to milling and grinding, which allows to remove the surface layers of concrete substrates. The exposed surface is characterized by a complex and rough structure, maintaining high aesthetics. An unquestionable advantage is also the lack of damage and delamination of concrete.

Bush hammering applications:

  • renovation of damaged concrete floors,
  • parking spaces and maneuvering areas,
  • transport routes and exit roads,
  • car wash and petrol station substrates.

Due to the small size of the equipment and the use of efficient industrial vacuum cleaners, work can be carried out inside the existing facilities. The surface produced is aesthetically pleasing and safe by limiting slippage.

The advantages of concrete bush hammering:

  • aesthetic and homogeneous structure,
  • rough and non-slip surface,
  • attractive price of work,
  • high work speed/efficiency,
  • developed contact surface,
  • no damage or delamination of the deeper layers,
  • minimised nuisance of work.