Machine-assisted floor cladding stripping

Machine-assisted cladding stripping ensures maximum productivity while reducing the nuisance which is commonly associated with traditional methods.

Electric strippers can operate in closed rooms with unfavourable ventilation conditions - zero emission. Unlike motor devices, our stripping machines do not pose a fire threat. Since the devices are all battery-operated, they do not pose a high power demand in the facility - 230 V mains voltage is sufficient to charge the stripper batteries.

The strippers are small enough to drive through standard internal doors, and weigh enough to ensure safe work on the majority of structural floors.

Machine-assisted cladding stripping can be performed for:

  • industrial floors,
  • resin floors,
  • sports surfaces,
  • ceramic and stone tiles,
  • adhesives and levelling layers,
  • wooden parquet floors,
  • floor lining,
  • PVC tiles,
  • roofing felt and bituminous surfaces.

Apart from the highest work efficiency, the machine-assisted tile stripping method reduces the nuisance of traditional methods, such as manual jackhammering. The substrate is not damaged during work and percussive operations are kept to a minimum.

Advantages of mechanical stripping:

  • the fastest stripping method available,
  • limited dust and noise emissions,
  • minimized percussive operations,
  • minimum risk of damage to the original substrate,
  • savings on materials related to re-profiling and repair of the substrate.